this i believe, part deux

i believe in neighbors.

like Mr. Rogers sang, "won't you be my neighbor?" ringing true demographically in a hospitality-starved world.

i live where i am fortunate enough to enjoy aspects of community that, did i not experience them, i might not believe still existed...

canning applesauce and carving pumpkins in the fall, Christmas caroling and light-lined driveways in the winter, tea and puzzles in spring until it is warm enough for endless summer meals and berry pies in the lavender field under party lights, laughing at outdoor movies until our sides ache.

just the other day i came home to freshly baked bread on my doorstep, celebrating another successful school year and start to vacation.

art lives on my fridge from coloring with the kids during our latest potluck.  "would you like to keep it!?" grinned the eldest daughter. "would i !? best art ever!" we think nothing of sharing books, eggs, or anything extra we have.

we help each other when water pumps wear out or we need a truck to transport furniture. we feed the rabbits, goats, or chickens when someone is out of town.  or we enjoy chatting, unhurried at the mailboxes, picking wild sweet peas. sometimes we stay up too late talking, because we know home is just a walk away.

i love my neighbors and can feel the love they have for me in return.

this i believe.


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