Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring perspective

jogging, sun on my face

pausing only for beauty.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to live in this world

poet mary oliver wrote, "to live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal, to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it and when the time comes to let it go, to let it go." she also wrote, "someone i loved once gave me a box of darkness. it took me a long time to realize that this too, was a gift." here is an art offering in that regard. even though it is four years old, it represents spring and this lenten season that is upon us; those we cannot, will not, forget...but whom we learn to love in new ways through our sense of memory.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


we interrupt this lilting discourse on nature to bring you, well, more nature. rhythm, i'm convinced, is innate to us. ok, maybe not always a "sense of it" in terms of being equally gifted, but we've all got it in us to some level.
"stomp!" is a romp of a show that had me at least dancing in my chair (as much as i could without going completely wild or flailing enough to seriously injure those around me. they really should look into a couple of aisles reserved for all-out dancing). anyway, if you ever get the chance to see this, you will never look at or listen to ordinary household objects in quite the same way...brilliance!

curly willow

i can feel spring. actual warmth, upturned faces of daffodils, the creek rushing...a time of year to bring the outside in. first thing in the morning instead of music, i can worship along with nature. if i open the window at just the right time, a veritable symphony begins and i can sing along. at night, the owls and frogs bring their own rhythm so that my day feels literally wrapped in praise from start to finish.
making a "boquet" out of curly willow is also a fun seaonal way to spruce up after a long winter. to my surprise, this bunch here--even without water--began to sprout buds of green leaves in my room! harbingers of longer days, speak to me of hope!

lost in art

this is a simple shot of my current art table space. since giving away a large percentage of my possessions when i moved, i was able to turn this second closet into a small art studio. i enjoy times when i can start the day with coffee and just get lost in a project here. besides the chair where i read looking out over the green countryside, this is my favorite place to sit when i'm home.

i started a folder called "studio dreams", filling it with any and all pages from magazines that inspired me. i can envision a place in the heart of wine country where people of all ages can come and be creative. yes, come to the long, beautifully lit table. get lost in art to find yourself.

welding 101

with access to a digital camera, i'm able to take some photos of back projects and share them with you now. this monstrosity (aka: first attempt at welding) is what happened last summer when my friend trusted me in his studio. i was going for a kind of key-holder of sorts. what happened instead was the smell of burning metal and more than a few sparks flying. again, i had to be patient with myself and try not to compare my work with his. he has, after all, been perfecting his art longer than i've been alive. he has installation pieces all over portland. but if you need any weirdly fused metal shapes that look like they collided with an alien space ship, well, i'm your woman.

Friday, March 4, 2011

learning for life

in order to really be the best art teacher i can be, i have to keep learning myself. give me a challenge, a new way of looking at something any day! for a couple of years now, i have wanted to take an art class in encaustics. if the prospect of just learning a new word each day excites me, then the idea of learning in the realm of creativity, well, i'm in orbit.

this class was a blast! the teacher was both knowlegable and experienced, giving just the right blend of demonstration and play time. the four hours absolutely flew by. i, of course, expected to be able to make something beautiful on my first day, but tried to be patient with myself since i was learning something new. here are three examples of my wax layers fused onto boards. the possibilities are endless; you can collage into the layers with paper or metallics...i plan to keep learning this!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dear french press

dear french press,

when your glass body cracked and broke against the kitchen sink tonight, well, it was like losing a friend. i just stood there, dish gloves still on, in disbelief. then a "n-o-oooooooo" escaped my lips and i held you there for a while, picking up your pieces. i didn't realize that not only were you my favorite kitchen tool par excellence, but we started every day together for months, the hot water kettle whistling our romance. then the stirring, the perfect percolation time followed by the smooth fit of the press against the sides...leaving only the perfect italian sludge of grounds beneath. on saturdays, we spent the whole day lounging side by side. i guess you could say i was addicted to you even more than the beverage you brewed. your simple elegance and ability to withstand the pressure of it all; so beautiful. i do have a coffee maker with filters i'm sorry to say, for the time being. i know that must sound like swear words coming from me--particularly at a time like this. how could i?! tomorrow morning won't be the same without you. all i can say is i will have to get another, a close relative of yours perhaps...but there is no replacing you.

love, lanette
p.s. for those of you following the "i'm sorry for your loss" coffee drama here, a dear friend has loaned me her french press in the interim, saying "friends don't let friends use filters". i couldn't agree more.
p.p.s. a fun clerk at a nearby kitchen store informed me that if i still had the frame, i didn't have to buy an entirely new press, just the glass. "there's a reason you missed garbage day" she called out after me. and yes, it's true, the lost has been found. washed, but found.