Wednesday, April 18, 2018

expressing motherhood pdx

this was a great event!  i know one of the speakers and somehow all the stories avoided being jaded or too sweet...instead hers along with a hilarious mix of other tales really did make the audience (both men and women) laugh and cry.  though targeted to mothers, clearly well juried and practiced, their skits and material covered a wide range of topics relevant to everyone, really. 

originally done in LA, the show has come for its second time to PDX.  well, done everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

april showers


really listen to the rain
and it will tell you where its been
of climes absorbed, sun-held,
and miles traveled to reach you
in stillness you will hear
all the drops release, ever-moving,
over the expectant,

--ls 4.8.18


looking for a fantastic film? "wonder", based on the book by RJ palacio, is touching.

it can encourage people of all ages and roles to embrace our flaws and truly celebrate what makes each person unique. easier said than done, but this movie is inspiring to me.

and now to read the book...

Thursday, April 5, 2018

national poetry month

we ring in april with national poetry month!  celebrating the words and wordsmiths who craft ideas, images, and words to share that make our world a richer place.

who are your favorite poets, poems, and why?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

bach and nicolai

i read an inspiring article in the wall street journal today over coffee titled "a song of spiritual awakening" by mene ukeuberuwa.

in his 1731 cantata "wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme", johann sebastian bach finished a composition by a predecessor, the hymnist and preacher philipp nicolai.  in both its tune and its text, the cantata (known in english as "sleepers awake")  describes the ultimate feast:  the fulfillment of all human hope.

musically, nicolai belonged to the last generation of meistersingers, german musicians with rigorous training in poetry, harmony, and vocal performance who were quickly being replaced by the orchestras and organs of the emerging baroque style.

what captured my attention was not only this teamwork between composers, but the fact that nicolai began this work of hope in 1598 while the bubonic plague was ravaging his hometown of unna, claiming the life of one of his top music students.  nicolai channeled his grief into this piece which urges people to await the fulfillment of hope at a diving wedding feast, drawn from biblical parable.

bach leaves this message intact and adds adaptive verses from old and new testament divine love poetry.  through duets for baritone and soprano (representing the roles of God and the human soul) there is foreshadowing here on earth of the feast and joy yet to come; a message of hope just beyond the horizon.

clean bandit

i discovered, quite by accident, a band i really love.  sorting through random cds at the library, i came across a cover design i liked by a group i'd never heard of.  playing it in my car, i immediately loved their blend of electronics and strings. 

three weeks later, still listening non-stop to the cd, i found out that they were actually coming to portland on their US tour, so i bought a ticket, only to discover they had to cancel their tour (the drummer needs foot surgery, it seems, alas).

since i like to see the bright side of things, this just means i'll have to go to the UK to see them!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

we can print that

some of my friends have had to move recently, which led us into a discussion about affordable housing.  then i came across this article of a 3D printed home!  this has huge ramifications, it seems to me, in terms of global economy and homelessness.

click on the following link to learn more:  3D printed house