Sunday, September 23, 2018

into great silence

this is, for the genre, one of the most truly thoughtful and soul-stunning films i've taken time with.

as an inner monastic who is active in her community, a both-and i feel called to, it reminded me that even in the most chaotic of environments, i can remain centered, peaceful, and purposeful; with practice.

silence is more and more welcome to me, as a necessary part that gives sound meaning; like the rests in jazz music that make notes come most alive.

welcome, autumn

i've had my annual pumpkin spice latte, harvested potatoes, picked apples, and made applesauce!

here are some lovely images from my morning walk to welcome in this stunning and cozy season...

Friday, September 14, 2018


there are three quotes i'm mulling over these days.

the first is from my friend shannon who said, "tread lightly on this earth" and all that means of grace i have yet to discover, but found it incredibly refreshing.

the second is "some people reflect the image of God better than others".  this came from my cousin tracy over pub-fare while discussing both monastic and military life.

and the third i saw on a card in the store, "things come to you when you have the capacity to receive them." 

what's a quote you are drawn to lately?


this great word, i came across in a magazine.  guelaguetza in oaxacan means to both give and receive.  it means a lot to the people to share, not expecting anything immediately in return.

for example, if a friend of yours provides drinks for your daughter's wedding reception, at some point--even years in the future--when someone else in the community needs something from you, it's time to pay it forward. 

this system of mutual cooperation, sustained over years or even a lifetime, in a culture that prizes connection over profit nurtures both trust and social unity. 

what is refreshing to me about the concept is there is time to relax and receive.  instead of a vague form of score keeping where people feel guilty if they aren't able to respond in kind right away, it is a time-honored rhythm like breathing in and breathing out.  everyone's giving of themselves, knowing what it is to receive.


Saturday, September 8, 2018


it's happening! my co-host and i are preparing for an art day retreat in wine country...

...registrations have poured in, so we are not able to further advertise as we are already at capacity. and the other good news is we may host one again!

i especially love all of the organic connections that began and brought this all together, including the catered lunch with proceeds going to help others.

gather. nourish. make!

what autumn is all about