another passion of mine is leading creativity workshops.  here are some recent quotes and photos from a women's retreat group.  please email for more information about booking a session

"i loved lanette's went way beyond painting.  it was very healing for me!"--angie

"i think that's one of the best things we've done at retreat in years!  thank you so much, lanette"--debby

"thank you, lanette, for coming to the retreat and leading such a meaningful session.  while i knew you would be perfect for the setting, it still exceeded every expectation."--anita

participants said it was challening, better than expected, fun, out of their comfort zone, and creative. 

"fantastic, absolutely fantastic!"

"the best ever!"

"delightful, relaxing and beautiful."


  1. yay!!!!!!! i want to see you do more of were born for this!

    1. thank you and yes, i actually do feel that i was. so excited about more opportunities and have a couple in the wings!

  2. just did a retreat for 135 women using a silhouetted landscape of haystack rock at cannon beach around the theme of "thin spaces" or places where heaven and earth connect for us in nature!