Tuesday, August 28, 2018

won't you be my neighbor?

what a fantastic film!

growing up watching the tv show, this is a delightful trip down memory lane honoring a man who had integrity, faith, and joy.

glad he's back, this time in movie form...

being a class act

i can't take credit for the following list (the author's name escapes me at the moment--to him all credit is due) but i have been given a lot of opportunities to practice that i can speak to! 

introducing these to my students this week to create a culture that rises above the norm/expected in good and refreshing ways:

1)  live according to your own high standards

2)  be calm and graceful under pressure

3)  model the type of behavior you want to see

4)  let your humanity lead you toward greater compassion; be courteous in conflict

5)  transform ordinary moments into something meaningful and memorable

6)  express beauty, truth, and goodness

7)  tell the truth and turn defeats into progress

8)  raise the integrity of all situations

9)  foster and encourage the unique differences in others

10) increase the confidence and capabilities of those around you

Monday, August 27, 2018

yes, please

i met the most fascinating couple the other day...vibrant, alive, truly interested (which made them interesting), learners, active, funny...and in their 80's!  in fact, the gentleman was 89 and they had only been married (to each other after each of their spouses passed away) for 8 years.  that means he got married again at age 81!

what struck me most was how much more energy i had after our interaction than before.  nothing about them was draining.  and they were both whole people who brought a complete self to the relationship.  they didn't need to say this, i just sensed it.

not only that, but they didn't take themselves too seriously.  and they were kind.  one of the reasons i met them in the first place was because they were in our neck of the woods because of kindness:  they had let another couple go ahead of them in a line who ended up winning a great prize.  not only did they not complain ("that should have been ours!") but were pleasantly surprised when the couple in front of them turned around, thanked them for their kindness, and invited them along to share in the prize!

we talked for quite a while and not once did they bemoan a single thing.  in fact, i've known folks 20 years younger than them who act 20 years older.  this is not to say that i'm sure they don't feel the gravity and effects of aging, but they were so positive, so very absolutely alive that you wouldn't have known their age if they hadn't told me.  yes, please.  this is who i want to be.

a friend of mine wrote me recently that a rich life is made up of the following:  giving & receiving, learning & teaching, rest & action, change & stability and that we will go in and out of all of the quadrants in each season.

what about your life do you hope to model to others, leaving them more energized than when you met?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

rethinking showers

not to worry, i'm not talking about rethinking personal hygeine, i'm thinking about the bridal and baby kind.  for example, there are showers for those welcoming a spouse or a child into their lives...why not throw someone a shower for entering a new phase of life?  thinking about those who are retiring, adopting, moving, overcoming an illness, starting a new job...and all that goes with those transitions.

it could be quite fun for them to set up a registry and have a party, just because.  it can normalize the stages of life that we all go through at our own time and in different ways.  even if the person doesn't need a lot in terms of material goods, a registry for donating to their favorite charity, or giftcards for businesses that support their particular causes or lifestyle needs could be very enjoyable for all involved; a win-win.

or, a shower could be for no reason at all, other than wanting to celebrate someone's life.  it's got me thinking about showers in a whole new way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

loving vincent

this film took six years to create, the result of a collaboration of over one hundred different artists handpainting the scenes, which i find remarkable!

it explores some possibilities surrounding the end of van gogh's life that, while hard to pinpoint in reality, are interesting to mull over in terms of an historic perspective.

the genre, however, is mesmerizing; both in keeping with the artist's style but also modernized, using live actors and actresses in tandem with the still life works. 

i highly recommend it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

lavender time

the lavender planted by my neighbors last year was ready to harvest a couple of weeks ago! we gathered it in, friends and family, followed by learning to make lavender wreaths.

always generous hosts, this was followed by a field dinner and fresh blackberry cobbler.

i can't sum it up any better than the youngest one among us who said, juice and ice cream on her lips, "every day is a perfect day".

Sunday, August 5, 2018