Saturday, May 28, 2016

gathering wildflowers in may

the florist of nature
deems fit to lavish herself
along dusty gravel paths

beneath mailboxes she
has flung her beauty
ragged and sprawling

unfit for most vases
pollen and bee meanwhile
thanking the treasure of each other

no matter how much
you have spent yourself
blooming it is not wasted

invisible results seed vines
that climb despite all odds
and flower (for those who see)

here, wild heart, that longs
to spread across the fields
i picked these for you

ls 5.28.16

a note on courage

i have this quote up where i can see it every day:  "hurdle fear, risk, chancing change, live incessantly, wet, in the tumbling center of the stream..."  being a water-lover, it sounds like a fun metaphor, exciting even.  and it is, most of the time, especially when the changes are my idea.

what it meant to me a few months ago and what it means today has changed, so i guess my viewpoint is what altered.  i went into the quote thinking one of two things about courage:  either you live in fear or you don't.  that's true to some extent, in terms of not being a fear-based person.

but what opened up were the range of nuances defining courage.  for example, when making decisions (particularly those that have a direct impact on others) there is the fear of how you will be viewed (this is huge!  i/we can spend a great deal of energy portraying to others how we want to be seen and not even realize it. and how rare to be in company that makes it easy to be one's self). 

and then i read, "have you cultivated the self-compassion to say 'no' even when this is sure to disappoint people?"  and i had to stop and catch my breath.  i'm no stranger to a book stopping me in my tracks, but it's almost as if it was speaking out loud.  "no, i haven't cultivated that yet," i said back to the book, "but i bet this means i'm about to!" 

and this was my moment to hurdle fear and it looked nothing like what i originally thought. i was about to learn that speaking up can rock the boat and takes more courage sometimes than staying quiet and just going along with the original plan.  (insert your own specifics here).

the tumbling center of the stream?  i think that's just all the people and things that make our lives rich, both when things are going smoothly and when they're not. even just one 24-hour period of time can bring so many changes.  i think it takes more energy to flex and engage with those opportunities than it does to go to extremes or try to keep things the same.  reacting is easy and takes very little practice, but also doesn't help much in the long run.  discernment and strength under control are exhausting and a constant discipline but yield far better results, at least in my limited experience.

i wonder, is it so much about A or B or C in terms of events, jobs, and circumstances in our lives than it is about what we learn and who we are designed to become along the way?  can you think of a decision that shaped you more than you shaped it and what aspect of courage did it deposit in you?

deep and not-so-deep

at the end of the school year i suppose it's safe to say i live on a bookish diet that oscillates between deep and down right silly depending on the day; it's how i keep my balance. 

deep:  "the gifts of imperfection".  silly:  kid's book "my secret guide to paris."  semi-serious:  british murder mysteries.  good cry therapy:  "black beauty".  you get the idea.  i also have in my random stack "wine for dummies" and magazines.  a lot of magazines.  it's about my speed right now.

but summer's coming!  open-ended time for tome upon tome; piles of sunshine between the pages from my local library, ahh...what's on your summer reading list?

Monday, May 16, 2016

contemporary color pops

these pieces (6-12" x 12" canvases=36" x 36") are headed to california!  i had so much fun making them, a larger version of a piece i did earlier this year...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

creative sister

ambling around the quaint nearby town of sherwood, my friend and i found our way to this upcycled art shop:  creative sister.  it's worth a visit, either in person or online at

nurture your journey

one fun thing about a blog is being able to share and connect others to new sites such as "nurture your journey" a new launch and resource to help people on the road of life.  check out anne richardson's offerings at

Sunday, May 8, 2016

on staging and spontaneity

yes, this is a picture of my breakfast.  i staged it out of leftovers (for myself and for a friend whom i thought would appreciate it).  beauty matters to me even when i'm eating alone.  and, i realized after reading the decorating book, "styled" by emily henderson (which, i will admit, i have sitting out open to page 196 at a just-so angle on my coffee table) that even though i went through a phase of thinking i wanted to be an interior decorator, what i really love to do is staging.

i don't know how i know, i just like arranging things in certain numbers at particular angles, depths, and heights.  ever since i can remember i would rearrange my childhood bedroom and i'm still doing that with couches, kitchen islands on wheels, and pillows. henderson's book taught me a lot of new thing while also giving me language for the intuitive parts.

and, while spatial design is such a strong part of my life (does anyone else fluff or flop things on purpose to make them look planned-messy?!)  so is spontaneity.

the other evening, which happened to be cinco de mayo, our friends and family gathered for an impromptu party.  tablecloths were shaken out and steaks were grilled...we even found some maracas to go with the mariachi radio station.  as we sat around the fire under the party lights while the stars came out, i thought how much better real life can be as opposed to a still-shot picture in a magazine (most of those moments we strive to copy are, you guessed it, staged.  try as i might, i never look like i stepped out of a design magazine or high-end cookbook when i'm covered in flour, digging potatoes or collecting eggs).

in my favorite old sweatshirt with pants that didn't match, a couple of kids on my lap at any given time and plastic dessert plates scattered amid watermelon rinds, i couldn't help but marvel at the evening's perfectly unplanned joy.  and that can't really be made into a photo shoot (are those models really having as much fun as they seem?) we just went with the moment and enjoyed every minute!

books on books

yesterday, in three sittings, i read "the readers of broken wheel recommend" by katarina bivald.  i found it interesting that the novel was translated from swedish (there were a few too-repeated phrases and i wondered if that was due to nothing translating in english?)

at any rate, it was a fun read that i can pass along to you.  a tad predictable in some ways (owing perhaps to the fact that i have read a lot of books about books written by book lovers) and yet not predictable in other ways.

i'll let you decide for yourself...after all, readers know best!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

calling alert readers...

happy may, everyone!

to start this month, i thought it would be fun to see how many of these words YOU can identify with reference to the art world?

they are:  aesthetic, bricolage, avant-garde, sentimentality, sublime and sfumato.

better yet, can you use them in a sentence?