Wednesday, April 25, 2018

sea church

i love this poem so much and feel the same way about the ocean!

sea church

give me a church
made entirely of salt.
let the walls hiss
and smoke when i return
to shore.

i ask for grace
of a new freckle
on my cheek, the lift
of blue and my mother's
soapy skin to greet me.

hide me in a room
with no windows.
never let me see
the dolphins leaping
into commas

for this water-prayer
rising like a host
of sky lanterns into
the inky evening.
let them hang

in the sky until
they vanish at the edge
of the constellations--
the heroes and animals
too busy and bright to notice.

by aimee nezhukumatathil

Monday, April 23, 2018

california typewriter

just watched this documentary and even though i love my new laptop, this made me want to go out and also buy a vintage typewriter immediately!

named after a repair shop, this film features the collectors, history, and benefits of the typewriter as *tool (*this is the simple root meaning of the word technology) and why so many people are going back to it.

actor tom hanks collects them, musician john mayer uses one to type his lyrics, and other famous authors prefer them over word processors in order to really see and edit their work on paper.  there is even--get this! a 'typewriter band' who uses the keys and bells to make music!?

i remember typing out papers in high school on our old smith-corona electric typewriter, using correction tape or fluid to cover mistakes.  my grandpa always had one out on his dining room table to type letters and take care of business paperwork.  what are some of your typewriter memories?

water walking

the art of love

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

expressing motherhood pdx

this was a great event!  i know one of the speakers and somehow all the stories avoided being jaded or too sweet...instead hers along with a hilarious mix of other tales really did make the audience (both men and women) laugh and cry.  though targeted to mothers, clearly well juried and practiced, their skits and material covered a wide range of topics relevant to everyone, really. 

originally done in LA, the show has come for its second time to PDX.  well, done everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

april showers


really listen to the rain
and it will tell you where its been
of climes absorbed, sun-held,
and miles traveled to reach you
in stillness you will hear
all the drops release, ever-moving,
over the expectant,

--ls 4.8.18


looking for a fantastic film? "wonder", based on the book by RJ palacio, is touching.

it can encourage people of all ages and roles to embrace our flaws and truly celebrate what makes each person unique. easier said than done, but this movie is inspiring to me.

and now to read the book...

Thursday, April 5, 2018

national poetry month

we ring in april with national poetry month!  celebrating the words and wordsmiths who craft ideas, images, and words to share that make our world a richer place.

who are your favorite poets, poems, and why?