Sunday, June 26, 2011

my blind side

if you've seen the movie "the blind side" starring sandra bullock, it's something like that...i just returned from a week of foster kid's camp with stories to tell. there is a scene in the film where the young man is in a restaurant when all of a sudden he goes up and embraces one of the waiters: his brother. that was one part of the movie i was left wondering about. did he ever get to see him again? did they connect? this camp that has become part of my life is all about the sibling connection. for more inspiration, check out:
it's amazing how well you can start to see from your own blind side.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the detritus of love

my oh-so-very-smart friend used a word in her recent email about graduation that i had to look up, thus making it a very happy day indeed to learn something new. she said, "my house here feels like a giant wave receded and left the detritus of a wonderful day."

detritus: loose fragments or grains that have been worn away from rock, eroded matter, accumulated material or debris.

it was a wonderful day to be sure. and here, accumulated in my heart, lives my own matter of mixed emotions. like a giant wave of love did indeed wash over me and leave behind memories of real conversations, bocce ball with small children, food of all colors spread across the counter like an indoor farmer's market, graduates crossing the stage...but mostly the overwhelming surprise of finding yourself caring about other people's children as if they were your own. it's hard to explain but i cried all the way home. in some ways it felt more like a tsunami of emotion that left behind a still-in-process montage of thoughts: the detritus of love.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

today's latin

id quod visum placet.
"beauty as that which being seen, pleases."
--thomas aquinas