being canadian

seeing as i was born in quesnel, british columbia canada, i rented the dvd "being canadian" to see what documentarian and fellow canuk robert cohen had to say about our country.

and it's a pretty funny film, eh?  starting on the far east of the country, he drives across all the provinces in quest of answering, "what does it mean to be canadian?" hoping to arrive in bc by canada day july 1st.

what he discovers rings true with my own experience:

1) canadians are really, really nice.  like, almost too nice.  (my grandfather's broken hip happened while clearing the sidewalks for his "elderly" neighbors when he was in his 90's, for example.  very nice.)

2) we apologize for everying.  "soo-rry...oh, i'm soo-rry, eh.  soo-rry 'bout that." contrary to a canadian's sense of self, we DO have a right to exist.

3) we are funny.  an extremely high and notable list of famous comedians are, in fact, canadian.  michael j. fox and mike meyers just to name a couple.  which is likely because we are forced to entertain ourselves for months at a time each winter.

4)  we are known to drink maple syrup.  straight from the bottle.  for breakfast.

5) don't interrupt our hockey game.  whether or not this is a passive-aggressive form of balancing our tendency to be too nice, we love hockey.  even hockey players will politely ask to remove their helmet first before letting their opponent punch them mercilessly in the face. ("soo-rry 'bout that.")

6)  curling is real.  no, we are not all eskimos and yes, there are a million things to do with ice.


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