being bob

this year for halloween, i dressed up as bob ross!  while he has become somewhat of a vintage sensation, i still had to explain to some of my younger students who he was.  my middle schoolers already know, as they beg regularly to watch his painting show reruns on youtube during class.

the best part about being bob?  getting ready!  i had a friend who gave me a "happy little mints" tin, others who pointed out awesome tree pins in botiques with an enthusiastic "you NEED these" and the sheer looks of people when i walked into school.  they really didn't know who i was.

"oh my gosh, it's you (stunned silence) for a minute there i thought we had a substitute!"
"who is the man who just walked into the office?  excuse me, you need to register as a guest visitor."
and "nice fro.  did you stick your finger in a light socket or something?!" (no, but i did wonder if my hair would fit in my car when i sat down to drive--just barely).

it was the best.  sincerely, i credit bob's show back in the 80's with helping me fall in love with color (even though i watched it on a black and white tv and had to ask my mom what "prussian blue" and "alizarin crimson" were).

i chose the shirt that reads, "ever make mistakes in life?  let's make them birds.  yeah, they're birds now."


  1. i still can't make this photo be you. you rocked this costume and you rock being a teacher!

    1. We all had the best fun that day--our bellies ached from laughing!


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