painting invitational

the painting invitation to self: 12 canvases in 12 hours.

holiday vacation is a time for me to create.  i had a surplus of ideas come to mind for subjects, so i asked myself one key question to narrow the field, "what has filled you with the most joy lately?  paint what's in your mind's eye." 

so when these images, "earth, sky & sea" tumbled out spontaneously, i realized it must be from taking in a steady diet of beauty!

they have, to me, a gentleness and simplicity about them that is pleasing, both in the process and the final result.  (i often add metallic foils or iridescent paint as a finishing touch, but these seemed best and most unified with bare brush strokes and simple ink lines.)

enjoy these open, uncluttered spaces of nature inviting us to relax and enter in...


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