just minding my own business today, two different people just randomly gifted me books--that's a good day, in my mind! 

the first, via a mutual friend, is "lines from a place that's all sky" by the ever-beautiful and wise poet i am fortunate enough to know robin m. lawton.

the other, also fresh from the press, is by amy natzke (who handed me a copy in the bookstore parking lot) entitled "turnings:  a book of consolation and provocation".  i know amy as a violinist and so it was fun to know that she also enjoys writing.

a sample of each...


she says that angels
touch the earth
where water is
and she speaks truth,
i know.

dark green dams
on afternoons
of numinous skies
green boughs tipping
to touch the breezy forms.

she pictures airy essence
stroking worlds with wonder
rainbow shades
where earth
and water are.

she says that angels
touch the earth
where water is.
and angel she,
she speaks truth. i know.

by robin m. lawton


"those in whom Christ is disguised are not only strangers and enemies--they are our neighbors, and they are us.  in disguising himself this way, Jesus answers our prayers for himself, as we say that we seek to love him.  he has put himself within our reach.  if we want him, we can find him."--amy natzke


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